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A hand-full of students from Inovus Labs Students Community who are really passionate in exploring the new wonders of tech.

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meet the team!

A simple script to get result screenshots of a list of students from MG University result portal (result scraper).

WDB for Absolute Beginners, was a flagship program conducted as a part of the Nano Degree Initiative from Kristu Jyoti College, in association with Inovus Labs IEDC.

New Year Celebration is pretty much common. Why not to celebrate an year ending, rather than a new year opening

More Stickers for the Hacktoberfest Season. Thanks to this cute OctoCat.

Cryptocurrency Mining on a Raspberry Pi 4 B (4GB). This is just a Proof-of-Concept. We just mined a few Duino Coins.

A small in-house event to introduce Hacktoberfest to our members & other fellows.

Inovus Labs Student Community is bringing HackClub & its activities to our campus. HackClub KJCMT - The newest addition to our Inovus Labs Community Structure. We hereby welcome you all to the Official Launch Event for our HackClub Chapter.

Yay! Lots & lots of Stickers for our HackClub'ers!