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Hack Club ITER is a community where students from different domains can come together & tinker with various techs.

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Hack The October is a 30 Days Long Hackathon for Opensource Development and Contribution.

Ship: Web browser with Microsoft Bing as the default Search Engine

Algo-Trading-Through-EMA-VWAP: Computer program will automatically monitor the Volume-weighted average price (and the exponential moving average indicators) and place the buy and sell orders when the defined conditions are met.

Ship: Image Encryption and Decryption, based on Encryption and Decryption of an image for security purpose using the logic of XOR gate.

All new project section for Hack Club ITER members. Displays automatically whenever someone adds the label in GH repo. 🚀

Introducing onEditor. One editor for all.

Introducing Hackers Frame! 🪟 A frame for every member of Hack Club ITER. ✨

We are all set for our new session! 🚀🚀

Leaders Call are what we always like the most! 😀👋

IoT is one of the most emerging field right now and we have conducted a complete session where students tweeted their thoughts using Google Assistant.

We had our second leaders call with Hack Club APAC! ❤️🚀🎉

Harsh Spoke about the web-development and how to get started with it. :)